Weekly Forecast 9-10-17

September 10, 2017 - Daily Forcast / Uncategorized

Good Evening Southern WI,

What a great weekend of weather it has been! Low temps and humidity! You don’t have to run the A/C or heat! More of the same to come for the next week!!! I won’t be doing day by day, because it’s pretty much the same forecast through the day Saturday.

I am expecting mostly sunny skies for every day this week with highs ranging from the mid to upper 70s. No big threat of rain, 0 chance of rain, 100% chance of great weather

The evening lows will be dropping to the upper 40s for tonight. The rest of the week the lows will drop to the mid to upper 50s. Clear skies at night.

The next chance of rain will be Saturday night, but then sunny again Sunday. That’s a week away and will probably change.


Have a great week!!



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