2017/2018 Winter Prediction

October 13, 2017 - Daily Forcast / Uncategorized

Good Evening Southern Wisconsin,

As promised I will share with you my insights on how I THINK this winter will go. This is not a forecast by any means. ┬áLet’s talk about past weather as far as rainfall goes this year. The Spring months produced below normal rainfall amounts. We had well above normal rainfall amounts during the Summer months of June, July, and part of August. We started drying out in September. La Nina WATCH was issued in September for late Fall into the Winter months. This would mean above normal precip and below normal temps. The La Nina map is shown in the featured photo. I think we will start to get a bit more wet as Fall goes on.

Looking at the climate prediction forecast for the next few weeks it looks like the chances of above normal temps is likely. The precipitation should be above normal as well.


My current thinking is by the end of Fall winter will be in full force. I think we will be hit hard with snow and cold from late Fall through January. I also think we will calm down by mid winter, but remain cold. I think December should be very white. Maybe some brutal cold spells. I am HOPING for Spring to show up early. La Nina should end by January or February.


Late Fall to Spring is some of my favorite weather to predict. I LOVE tracking winter storms from a week away. It also gets very frustrating to see storms change paths. How long range out do you want me to predict Winter storms and temp swings.

A) Up to 2 weeks

B) Up to 1 week

C) 4 days

D) 2 days


Have a good night!






  1. Jill says:

    B one week

  2. B Senti says:

    2 weeks

  3. Kris England says:


  4. Kris England says:

    Thank you for these fun and often real predictions!

  5. Bonnie Sukow says:


  6. Scott says:

    The trees are producing large quantities of nuts and walnuts are huge, they say that means hard Winter! Has there been a study of This? Is it mother nature’s way of helping the animals through harsh winter?

  7. Marcia L Lyford says:

    I like A & B. Always interested in looking ahead. Love your website and posts even though I moved back to No IL. Still follow you. Keep up the good work.

  8. Terry says:

    You’re generally more accurate then the TV guys… Thanks!

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